Bhagya Lakshmi 13th October 2023 Written Update

Virendra visits Neelam's room, urging her to prepare for Rishi's wedding and bestowing blessings upon her.

Lakshmi feels nervous and excited while getting ready for the wedding, and Rishi is captivated by her beauty when he arrives.

During the wedding ceremony, Balwinder dramatically enters and claims Lakshmi is his lawful wife, showing a marriage certificate as evidence.

Rishi disputes Balwinder's claim, and a physical confrontation ensues, but Balwinder narrowly escapes.

The wedding is abruptly canceled, leaving Lakshmi heartbroken and Rishi promises to find Balwinder and substantiate their rightful union.

Virendra and Neelam express disappointment and apologies to Rishi, but he remains determined to marry Lakshmi despite Neelam's opposition.

Neelam sternly declares her intention to prevent the union, but Rishi stands firm in his decision, even if it means going against his mother's wishes.