Bhagya Lakshmi 16th October 2023 Written Update

Rishi showers compliments on Lakshmi as she gets ready in bridal attire, sharing a shy and blushing moment with her.

Ayush playfully interrupts their moment, causing laughter from everyone present.

Harleen confides in Virendra, expressing her desire for her son's happiness with Lakshmi and Virendra assures her that things will get better over time.

Rishi and Lakshmi participate in wedding rituals surrounded by family and friends.

Lakshmi helps Rishi prepare for their wedding night, creating a comfortable atmosphere despite Rishi's shyness.

Rishi and Lakshmi get to know each other better, sharing their aspirations and dreams, and Rishi begins to fall in love with Lakshmi's nurturing nature.

Neelam remains determined to not accept Lakshmi as her daughter-in-law and plans to make her life difficult.