Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2023 Written Update

Lakshmi and Rishi are at the hospital, with Rishi unconscious, and Lakshmi is worried, resorting to fervent prayers for his recovery.

Malishka arrives at the hospital and accuses Lakshmi of being responsible for Rishi's condition, causing a heated confrontation.

Rishi's family arrives, asking Lakshmi for an update on Rishi's health, and Malishka tells them that Lakshmi was driving the car during the accident.

Rishi's family is shocked and furious, refusing to believe Lakshmi's protests of innocence.

Rishi's mother, Neelam, slaps Lakshmi and instructs her to leave the hospital.

Lakshmi seeks solace at a temple, praying for Rishi's recovery and professing her innocence.

Malishka feels triumphant, thinking she has turned Rishi's family against Lakshmi and moved closer to winning Rishi's heart.