Kundali Bhagya 12th October 2023 Written Update

Rasoi ceremony for Kanha and Nidhi begins with the Luthra family's joy.

Nidhi's parents attend and are impressed by the Luthras.

Shaurya tries to touch Preeta's feet, but Nidhi stops him, emphasizing Preeta's elder sister status.

Preeta and Arjun have a private conversation, and Arjun shares concerns about Prithvi's lingering feelings for Preeta.

Preeta reassures Arjun that Prithvi won't come between her and Karan.

Rishabh confides in Sherlyn about his worries regarding Karan's feelings for Preeta.

Sherlyn promises to ensure that Karan doesn't reunite with Preeta, and the episode ends with Preeta and Karan dancing happily.