Kundali Bhagya 17th October 2023 Written Update

Intense confrontation between Preeta and Arjun, with fraud allegations from Preeta.

Rakhi steps in to defuse the argument and urges Preeta to apologize, but Preeta refuses due to mistrust.

Rakhi talks to Arjun privately, who claims innocence and agrees to reveal his past to Preeta.

Arjun reveals a shocking secret: he is Karan's long-lost son who was kidnapped as a baby.

Rakhi is taken aback but requests evidence, which Arjun cannot provide.

Rakhi pledges her support to help Arjun convince Preeta while Preeta confides in Shristhi about her doubts.

Rakhi tells Preeta about her belief in Arjun's claim, and Preeta agrees to speak with Arjun to better understand his perspective.