Kundali Bhagya 18th October 2023 Written Update

Preeta and Rishabh have a heartfelt conversation where Preeta confesses her enduring love for Rishabh but explains their separation due to circumstances involving Karan.

Karan is both joyful about his daughter Kavya's wedding and saddened by Preeta's absence during this significant moment.

Sherlyn is excited but apprehensive about Prithvi's reaction to her pregnancy and is gearing up for the wedding.

Prithvi is preparing for the wedding while harboring a desire for vengeance against Rishabh and Arjun. He plans to kidnap Sherlyn and her child as leverage to force Rishabh and Arjun to meet his demands.

Kavya and Shaurya's wedding ceremony takes place, and Karan shares a warm embrace with his daughter despite his mixed emotions.

Preeta, Rishabh, and Karan face an ominous confrontation with Prithvi, who abducts Preeta. Karan is shot in the leg while trying to stop him.

Karan is hospitalized for treatment, and Rishabh reassures him of his commitment to rescuing Preeta. The Luthra family is worried, and Rishabh is determined to save Preeta.