Radha Mohan 17th October 2023 Written Update

Radha prays to Lord Krishna for Gungun's safety from Damini's sinister intentions.

She accidentally overhears Damini's conspiracy with an accomplice to kidnap Gungun, causing her shock and fear.

Radha shares Damini's plan with Mohan, but he doubts her, believing she is trying to create discord.

Radha seeks divine guidance at the temple and simultaneously, Damini sends her accomplice to kidnap Gungun.

Radha, driven by intuition, rushes to the marketplace and rescues Gungun from imminent danger.

Damini, upon learning of the failed plot, vows revenge against Radha and Gungun.

Mohan arrives, witnesses Radha and Gungun together, and apologizes to Radha for doubting her, promising to protect Gungun from Damini's harm.